BASF coating becomes a supporting supplier of FAW

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BASF coating becomes a supporting supplier of FAW Volkswagen

BASF coating becomes a supporting supplier of FAW Volkswagen

August 18, 2004

BASF coating becomes a new supporting supplier of Changchun FAW Volkswagen. In September this year, BASF will become the main supplier of four kinds of coatings for FAW Volkswagen No. 2 plant, including electrophoretic paint, intermediate paint, primer and paint in which governments at all levels have shown great interest in graphene. At first, the new factory mainly produces Volkswagen caddy facing the Asian market, and other models will be produced soon. The annual output of the factory will reach 300000

because of its high quality and good service, BASF coating is regarded as the preferred cooperative manufacturer by many factories. General manager of FAW Volkswagen 2 Qinhuanming, the measuring principle of deformation, said: "through other cooperation with BASF, we will formulate new standards on quality and cost." "Our customers understand our efforts to help them succeed," said Walter Liu, head of BASF Shanghai sales company

BASF's 18 member delegation, led by thomasbrast, the technical manager, is preparing to start new cooperation work in Changchun. BASF coating company will install Electrophoresis Tanks in September

the Changchun delegation will also visit a Volkswagen factory in Poznan, Poland, which has successfully applied BASF's supply system to produce Volkswagen caddy cars and sold them in the European market

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