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Changes in cosmetics packaging (Part I)

the most basic component of a successful brand is not only its market positioning, but also its difference from its competitors. Once the goal is clear, packaging plays a role in expressing and describing brand positioning

nowadays, the packaging trend of cosmetics is changing almost every day. Facts have proved that more creative packaging forms can not only bring visual enjoyment and convenience to consumers, but also promote their desire to buy goods. When purchasing goods, consumers now value the purchasing experience they have experienced and will readily accept the new technology they have introduced. Therefore, the boundary between high-end products and popular products has become increasingly blurred. At the same time, product manufacturers and distributors spare no effort to promote innovative packaging, hoping to meet more demands of consumers within an acceptable price range. However, what effect will this bring on cosmetic packaging? Everything is decided by the market. The most basic component of a successful brand is not only its market positioning, but also its difference from its competitors. Once the goal is clear, packaging plays a role in expressing and describing brand positioning

any manufacturer should understand that the awareness tendency of target customers will directly affect their brand strategy. Today, there are too many cosmetic products to choose from in supermarkets, specialty stores and shopping malls; Consumers have complex and demanding requirements for cosmetics, even for their packaging. When purchasing cosmetics, female customers of any age or skin characteristics will find the target brand most suitable for their age from various sales channels; Cosmetics companies will also make corresponding changes according to consumers' buying habits

in order to attract customers of different ages or classes, cosmetics companies will launch products of various brands. Therefore, manufacturers now always keep following the needs of consumers. The ever-changing needs of consumers also provide an opportunity for cosmetic packaging manufacturers to develop new technologies and pursue innovation. Take cosmetics hose manufacturers as an example, their products have developed from the previous pigment extrusion hose to the current four-color printing hose and hot stamping hose. In the selection of substrate, multi-layer co extrusion composite hose, soft touch hose, hose with holographic effect, custom die-cutting hose and eye tone printing hose are all good products to stimulate the audience's vision and purchase desire

take transparent packaging as an example. There are many processing procedures to be completed, but it was difficult to form smooth transportation and transfer between these procedures before. Now the method of combined production of multiple processes has become popular in almost all packaging. In addition, due to the diversity of colors and materials, metal packaging conveys a noble and elegant temperament. Even simple packaging or products with simple positioning will make people shine

in the past, the packaging materials were single, including metal, plastic or glass. Now, small bag, capsule and composite packaging made of any material and cut into any shape can be seen. As for the choice of packaging style and material, the market positioning of commodity brands is the most direct determinant. Sometimes, the birth of a new packaging technology can give birth to a unique packaging concept. In order to explore new fields in order to increase the domestic market share, in recent years, food packaging has also combined many processing technologies of cosmetics packaging process, and achieved remarkable results

a very important factor in developing a new brand is cost and return. When a brand is positioned in a special delivery and sales channel, its retail price is determined, and the packaging cost is also determined. Now product manufacturers are experiencing challenges from products. They should not only meet the price restrictions of the retail market, but also be different from competitors to achieve their own profit goals, especially in the field of mass consumption

packaging can make a brand exude unique charm and strengthen its brand effect. Whether it is selection, purchase or use, an excellent packaging can enhance consumers' attention to the brand, and even loyalty

a successful brand must have a strong support team behind it, including sales, marketing, data monitoring, packaging design, etc. these experts should not only understand the needs of today's consumers, but also have a sense of innovation and be willing to choose new technological achievements in the packaging field, which is the key to the success of any brand

the shape and color design of cosmetic hose bring forth the new

there has always been a high demand for the hose packaging of cosmetics and personal care products, including many innovative schemes involving image design

meridian and regal, two new products of Alcan beauty (cebal), adopt the latest pearlescent packaging. "As far as decorative patterns are concerned, their purpose is just to attract customers' attention." Chris Barry, manager of Naperville hose packaging Council of IL state, commented

last October, EST é e Lauder, located in beautybank, New York, launched three new cosmetics and skin care products -- American beauty and first And good skin are only sold exclusively in Kohl department store, while Alcan Packaging beauty (cebal) Company in Norwalk, CT state produces hose packaging products for these three series of products. Among them, the good skin series products are packaged in oval hose, with screw covers tightened. The printing process is offset printing, with polished coating at the same time. The products have two specifications: 50 ml and 200 ml. The silver series hose in American Beauty series products adopts offset printing. Its production line can also be used for the packaging of various plastic hoses. With light pearl color, it produces cebal bottle caps with shrinkage effect by means of silk screen printing and heat transfer printing. Another area of concern for Alcan is hose packaging for personal care products. They developed a kind of hose with relief feeling, which has a special touch when touching the thin-walled surface. Alcan will develop their own packaging styles according to customers' requirements, so that these hoses have unique recognition ability

the tubular depilatory cream used by Avon skin care products Co., Ltd. actually does not need to be applied on the hand, so it is easy to use

recently, tectube company in Pitman, N.J., developed a new type of tubular package for skin care products that does not need to be applied by hand. According to Mr. DEB Spaeth, the company's sales manager, this is a kind of hose made of high-density and low-density PE materials. Its special functions are realized through sponges, pumice stones and massage heads, and these devices are welded at the sealing place

in addition, Avon has also recently launched a 35 mm oval, hands-free hose package with a sponge head on the top to apply 3S (skin so soft) depilatory cream. Mr. Spaeth said: "the sponge head is a closed unit, which can prevent the depilatory cream from being sucked into the cavernous body."

according to Mr. Zena sekavec, color packaging engineer of Avon company, the biggest sales advantage of this kind of hose packaging is that it does not need to be applied by hand. He said: "for customers who use depilatory cream, they will complain that their hands are dirty because of application. However, with a sponge head, it will be more convenient to use it again, which is not only fast, but also effective. When scrubbing depilatory cream, only a piece of lint cloth is required. Therefore, most depilatory cream will not be in direct contact with their hands.". S automobile manufacturing and other industries are increasingly in need of multi material solutions. Mr. ekavec added that Avon always likes to make the packaging of products have unique visual characteristics. At the same time, in the design, it also considers the impact of products on allergic organs such as eyes

according to Mr. sekavec, the biggest problems that need to be paid attention to are the compatibility between the sponge and the product and the fading or deterioration. "We have changed the color of the spongy body, so it will not fade significantly due to the depilatory cream. And after testing, the spongy body will not cause irritation or adverse effects on the skin," he said

new hose packaging has higher requirements on shape and color

according to Mr. John K. iorii, sales manager of Montebello packaging, the expansion of the global skin care market last year created conditions for the increased demand for composite and aluminum hose packaging. Specifically, the global market for anti-aging skin care products has grown greatly, and most of these products are packaged with hoses, not only because consumers need and accept such products, but also because composite or aluminum hoses have good permeability. For those products sensitive to oxygen or fragrance, these characteristics are exactly what cosmetics and personal care products need. In addition, many cosmetics or personal care products companies that used to put their products in cans or bottles now use hose packaging, because it can not only meet the requirements of consumers and is convenient to use, but also further expand the sales of cosmetics and personal care products. It is also reported that in the recent competition held by the tube Council, the hoses provided by Montebello for noxzema soother and smooth bikini analogic were selected as the designated hoses for the pharmaceutical industry in that year

Mr. James Farley, vice president of marketing and sales of bend resistant span ed Products LLC, said that the company has higher and higher requirements for new hose shapes, hoping to adapt to higher grade decoration, higher quality and more diversified color requirements. "Everything seems to reflect the market's tendency and inevitable trend for CO extrusion hose packaging, because such hoses can indeed be constantly innovated to meet the needs of high-level consumers," he said. Mr. Farley added that the increased requirements for new hose packaging also led to additional investment due to the expansion of production capacity. For example, modern labeling devices, hot stamping, silk screen printing and offset printing equipment should be introduced to meet the needs of customers. The company has designed a series of new hose production projects for this purpose, and achieved a good combination of a series of hose packaging, and achieved good results in the production of some special seasonal gift bags or related products

Ms. Jennifer Hackett, sales manager of Amcor Plaza in Quebec, Canada, said that because the beauty industry is becoming more and more mature, consumers have put forward higher requirements for the visual effects, covers and packaging design of the packaging. She said: "recently, we found that the color of the hose began to develop towards the metal like color. For example, the side wall effect of our polyfoil was simply decorated. The highlight was that the stamping position was on the side wall and the cover.". In addition, polyfoil hose was recently used by John Freida company, which helped Tony guy (TIGI) Company in the United States to develop a hair thickening cream called codky. Ms. Hackett said that the silver side wall of polyfoil showed the beautiful packaging appearance of the product. The inverted cover (TIGI's own patent) was used to make the hose inverted, which made the product emit a unique charm


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