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Yantai, Shandong Province, has a forestry output value of 90billion yuan and 4.5 million mu of economic forest in two years. Building a beautiful Yantai will add new weight to our city. The opinions on accelerating the development of the forestry industry (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) issued by Yantai City, Shandong Province, proposed that by 2015, the economic forest area of the city will reach 4.5 million mu, 150 demonstration parks and bases above the municipal level will be newly built, 50 leading Forestry Enterprises above the municipal level and 50 forestry professional demonstration cooperatives will be newly cultivated, and the total output value of the forestry industry of the city will reach more than 90billion yuan

the planting area of seedlings and flowers is 100000 mu

it is proposed that the city will take the seedlings and flowers industry as the top priority of the forestry industry. We will carry out the investigation, preservation and utilization of seedling and flower germplasm resources, and build the municipal seedling and flower germplasm resources bank and the base for improved forest varieties. We will strengthen and support the construction of nursery stock bases for fruit trees, greening, timber, etc., guide and promote the seedling raising and planting of oil peony, Xanthoceras sorbifolia and Pistacia chinensis, introduce and cultivate new famous, special and high-quality flower varieties, and encourage and support the development of bonsai flower industries such as rose and Phalaenopsis. By 2015, the planting area of seedlings and flowers in the city will reach more than 100000 mu, including 15 demonstration bases of more than 500 mu

strengthen the deep processing of economic forests and products. In apple, grape, big cherry and other advantageous fruit planting areas, adjust the planting structure and speed up industrial transformation and upgrading. In traditional woody grain and oil planting areas such as walnuts, chestnuts and persimmons, technical transformation and variety updating will be carried out to improve planting efficiency and drive the development of surrounding areas. Promote the cultivation technology of emerging industries and promote the development of blueberry, fig, mulberry, tea and other emerging industries. Support the cultivation of leading forest product processing enterprises with good growth and strong driving ability, and promote the construction of fresh-keeping controlled atmosphere storage and cold air storage. By 2015, 80 planting demonstration bases above the municipal level will be built, and the rate of improved varieties of main varieties of economic forests will reach 100%

create two forest parks above the provincial level

according to the plan, the city will, in combination with the construction of the national timber strategic reserve base, comprehensively consider the ecological construction of mountains and hills, the ecological protection of water systems, and the greening and beautification of villages and towns, and implement the conversion of farmland to forest in accordance with local conditions on the middle and low yield fields, both sides of the highway, and in barren mountains and wastelands, plain farmland and forests, Jiaodong water transmission line, coastline Promote the development of fast-growing and high-yield timber forests and rare timber forests such as catalpa on the flood land. Introduce and cultivate leading wood products processing enterprises with high technology content, high comprehensive utilization rate and good economic benefits and comprehensive utilization enterprises with three residues, secondary small fuelwood and waste wood materials as raw materials. By 2015, 30000 mu of timber forests will be newly developed. At the same time, we should deeply tap the connotation of forest culture, develop characteristic forest eco-tourism, and build a forest eco-cultural system with prominent themes and rich contents. By 2015, two forest parks and two wetland parks above the provincial level will be established

in terms of understory economy and wildlife domestication, our city proposes to develop understory planting and breeding industries such as economical and three-dimensional forest bacteria, forest medicine, forest birds and forest livestock according to local conditions, so as to achieve short-term and long-term benefits by taking full advantage of resources and space advantages such as economic forests, timber forests and public welfare forests in combination with natural conditions and forest land conditions, without changing the use of forest land and without affecting ecological functions. Combine with the economy under the forest, give full play to the advantages of the development and utilization of existing wild animal resources, optimize domestication and breeding, develop and promote wild animals with good market prospects, mature breeding technology, and the use of which the state allows the commercial plastic processing industry to increase by an average of 20.1% after the "1015" ultra-high growth, so as to improve the domestication and production efficiency. By 2015, we will cultivate 50 demonstration bases and demonstration sites of under forest economy at or above the municipal level to drive the development and growth of under forest economy

explore the establishment of forestry insurance mechanism

our city proposes to strictly implement the preferential tax reductions and exemptions of enterprise income tax and value-added tax enjoyed by the forestry industry according to the regulations, explore the establishment of a forestry insurance mechanism supported by the government, and do a good job in the central financial subsidies for forest insurance. Financial institutions should actively carry out forest property mortgage loans, small loans for members of forestry cooperatives and other businesses, and give priority to the loan financing of leading forestry enterprises at or above the municipal level, forestry professional demonstration cooperatives and famous forest product enterprises

in terms of policies and measures, the city will continue to deepen the reform of collective forest right system, accelerate the pace of confirming and issuing commercial forest rights, promote the construction of forest right service center, and provide guarantee for forest farmers' financing and forest right transfer. Carry out the establishment of leading enterprises in the forestry industry, forestry professional demonstration cooperatives, demonstration parks and bases, and forest certification. Implement the project of Enriching Farmers with trademarks, and carry out the identification of Yantai famous forest products and three products and one standard forest products. Strengthen the construction of quality and safety inspection and testing system for forest products at the city and county levels, carry out the certification of enterprise production and marketing chain of supervision, and establish the system of origin approval, market access and quality traceability of forest products. Relevant associations of the forestry industry should actively play the role of industry self-discipline, consultation and promotion, collaborative rights protection, market information, etc., and guide forest enterprises and farmers to achieve self-service and management


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