Change in the 4G Era

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In the 4G era, there is a vast ocean of change.

the theme of the 2013 world mobile conference is to redefine mobile communication. Just a year later, 4G will not only redefine mobile communication, but also become a fertile land for innovation and change. Such innovation and change will take place in all chains of the entire mobile communication industry and all industries of the non communication industry, which will bring infinite possibilities for the future development of China's mobile communication. In the production workshop of Tongling jingsai Electronics Co., Ltd.

for many years, the industry mobile communication has relied on the traditional trunking communication system. However, with the development of the times, the traditional steel mills' purchasing of raw materials tends to be stable. The disadvantages and limitations of the trunking communication system are becoming more and more prominent: it is impossible to support the collaborative processing of multimedia and data services, the system deployment cost is too high, and the maintenance is difficult. With the popularity of 4G networks, the industry communication demand based on this low-cost and high-quality wireless network came into being. However, any simple communication application can not keep up with the pace of the industry communication reform. The improvement of network capacity and terminal capacity, the innovation of operation mode and service mode, and the expansion of use scenarios brought about by the progress of 4G technology will all converge in the field of mobile application services, More kinds of mobile applications and updated mobile services have emerged, and Internet applications are also rushing into the communication field. Traditional communication has not left the field silently. For some solution providers, the opportunity is at hand. As for whether they can take the 4G express to reach a successful destination, it depends on whether the services they bring can impress users

with the purpose of serving users and helping users solve the communication convergence problems brought about by the advent of 4G networks, Jethro technology has launched a high-quality and more seamless industry convergence communication solution. The solution adopts cloud deployment, which is a perfect solution with low cost, high efficiency and customized for users. In addition, it is not only closely connected with IOT, but also provides wonderful applications on 4G networks. The solution is a new technology Perfect integration of new directions and new applications


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