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How to improve the comprehensive management level of machinery and equipment

with the promotion of the western development, the strengthening of the national infrastructure construction in the west, and the further increase of the investment in highway construction in Gansu Province, machinery and equipment are the material and technical guarantee of highway construction and maintenance projects. The acceleration of construction progress and the improvement of project quality, the reduction of consumption and cost, and the improvement of project benefits are all determined by the assembly rate of machinery and equipment Determined by the intact rate and utilization rate. Then, how should the equipment be comprehensively managed? I will elaborate on this issue from the following aspects

1 purchase

1.1 pay attention to the technical and economic value of key mechanical equipment

in addition to the working efficiency and quality of such mechanical equipment, it is also required to operate reliably during construction. Therefore, in the selection of key mechanical equipment, we should pay more attention to its performance. Of course, the selection of key mechanical equipment should try to match with existing equipment (such as material preparation and supply equipment, loading vehicles, compaction machinery, earth moving machinery) to form a "power" match for construction machinery

1.2 how to select imported and domestic mechanical equipment

a comprehensive consideration should be given to the selection of imported or domestic mechanical equipment. Imported mechanical equipment, with advanced technology, stable performance and high degree of automation, is conducive to construction progress and quality, but the price is expensive, and the backup technical support is not as good as domestic mechanical equipment. Domestic machinery and equipment have obvious price advantages and strong backup technical support. In recent years, most of China's imported machinery and equipment are products of developed countries in Europe and the United States, and the overall level is higher than that of domestic machinery and equipment. However, after decades of development of China's machinery industry, some products have entered the international advanced ranks, such as earth rock machinery, compaction machinery and transportation machinery. These equipment can fully meet the construction needs. Therefore, domestic mechanical equipment shall be considered in advance in the selection of the above equipment. For important mechanical equipment with high technical performance requirements and reliable operation during construction, priority should be given to imported mechanical equipment

2 use management

due to the concentration of highway engineering machinery and equipment, large quantities and complex varieties, special engineering machinery and equipment engineers should be set up to take charge of the use management of such machinery and equipment. Large construction machinery and equipment should have a designated person, implement the captain responsibility system, establish and improve the management account of construction machinery and equipment, and record the number, name, model, specification, unit price, performance The date of delivery and the date of purchase and arrival, so that the circuit usage and maintenance in the system must be disconnected first. The classification and filing of technical data and relevant documents and vouchers of mechanical equipment shall be carried out as soon as the construction mechanical equipment arrives at the site. The main technical data of mechanical equipment include operation manual, fixed assets acceptance certificate and certificate of conformity; The main documents include import and export license, freight bill of lading, insurance policy, commodity inspection certificate, shipping note, certificate of origin, packing document, etc. As the construction proceeds, the intactness rate of mechanical equipment shall be checked in time, and accessories shall be ordered in time, so as to better repair the faulty construction mechanical equipment. Vulnerable parts shall have a certain reserve, but shall not cause overstock and waste

2.1 safety management

safety management is subordinate to the main body of the work of the unit and is a systematic project. In recent years, major accidents have occurred frequently, which has brought great losses to the lives and property of the country and people. It reflects that the main problems in the work safety management are weak constraints, unclear responsibilities, desalination of consciousness, and fluke mentality. Whether the safety work can be fully operated and practiced depends on the understanding of the leadership of the unit on the safety work, the overall awareness and the composition of the authority of the individual on the safety management work

2.1.1 seriously implement the safety of the first person in charge of the unit to drive the comprehensive implementation of the safety of all employees. We must resolutely implement the safety work principle of "managing production must manage safety" and ensuring the safety within their respective management scope and being responsible for the overall safety

2.1.2 safety management is an important work of locomotive management. The principle of "prevention first, safety first" should be carefully implemented, unremitting efforts should be made, the mechanical vehicle safety management system should be formulated, and the system should be put on the wall. The import and export trade deficit of China's blow molding machines has dropped significantly year-on-year; The overseas injection molding machine market is gradually developing and strong, so that there are rules to follow for safety management. At the same time, the safety manual shall be signed with the mechanical equipment drivers to clarify the obligations and responsibilities in terms of safe driving, safe operation, safe use, etc. Strengthen the daily supervision of safety production, focus on highway maintenance and safety management of highway construction site, strengthen the inspection and maintenance of vehicles and mechanical equipment, put an end to defective operation of mechanical equipment, strictly prevent "three violations" and overload and overspeed, carry out major inspection of safety production, resolutely eliminate and stop those who fail to meet the requirements of safety production, and train the drivers, Resolutely put an end to employment without certificates. Increase investment in safety production, improve facilities that endanger safety, eliminate hidden dangers of safety accidents, and never allow old facilities that threaten the lives and property of employees to operate

2.2 parts supply management

supply management is the guarantee for production units to repair mechanical equipment in a timely and effective manner, and is an important link in the field management of mechanical equipment. Therefore, the supply and management principle of "small warehouse, large market" must be achieved in combination with the supply of accessories in the local market. Attention must be paid to and the development and management of mechanical materials and accessories. Vulnerable parts of key equipment and imported equipment must be stored quantitatively. As they directly affect the construction progress, appropriate storage is necessary. At the same time, batch order is adopted to order goods from the original factory, which is relatively cheap and can greatly reduce the project cost. For general equipment, only some maintenance parts, such as various filter elements and seals, can be ordered to avoid occupying a lot of money

expand the local market. After being stationed at the construction site, they will conduct extensive investigation and Research on the local mechanical equipment market and mechanical and electrical repair, understand the situation in the market, establish good relations with some suppliers and agents, develop and establish mechanical and electrical products, mechanical accessories and mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, purchase and repair supply networks for bulk materials and vulnerable materials, and do not stock the parts warehouse of some parts and components with high prices and not often broken according to the above conditions. It not only reduces the inventory, but also reduces the capital occupation and shortens the supply cycle

3 implement the supervision of mechanical equipment

mechanical supervision is part of engineering supervision, and its work is mainly to comprehensively supervise the use and management quality of engineering machinery. The mechanical Supervision Engineer shall inspect and supervise the use process of all machinery in the project from mobilization to the end of the project. Prevent various adverse factors affecting the correct use, so that all links of mechanical equipment from mobilization to the end of the project meet the requirements of the specified standards, and maintain the good operation of the equipment to meet the needs of the project. The main contents include: discrete operation quality of mechanical equipment, construction process and construction organization, comprehensive management of use and maintenance of mechanical equipment, etc

the supervision of mechanical equipment construction quality is the primary task of mechanical supervision. The quality of mechanical equipment construction is one of the key factors affecting the project quality. The mechanical equipment operators shall, on the premise of strictly implementing the operating procedures, carefully implement the construction process, operate according to the construction technical requirements, obey the command of the on-site construction personnel, ensure the operation quality and improve the work efficiency. In case of shutdown and impact on the construction quality and progress due to improper operation, irresponsibility and disobedience to the command, the supervisor shall immediately deal with it, find out the causes, put forward corrective measures or discuss with the construction unit for solutions

the use and maintenance of mechanical equipment shall be carried out in accordance with the maintenance specifications of the Ministry of communications or the operating instructions of the machine. The supervision on the use and maintenance of mechanical equipment is to supervise and inspect the on-site operators, and adhere to the effect of regular maintenance or hourly maintenance. Make records of the problems found, and make reasonable treatment decisions according to the project conditions and mechanical equipment conditions. The construction unit shall be responsible for the losses caused by shutdown. Make records for those who perform outstanding equipment maintenance carefully

the mechanical supervisor shall strictly inspect the selection of lubricating oil. The oil must meet the specifications and models specified in the operating instructions or the manufacturer. It is forbidden to use oil that does not meet the specifications and models or low-quality oil. If any problem is found, it shall be replaced immediately, otherwise the equipment shall not be operated; Check whether the mechanical safety devices are reliable, sensitive, complete and effective. It is strictly forbidden to operate the mechanical equipment with defects; Check the spare parts and the quality of spare parts. It is not allowed that the equipment cannot operate normally due to the untimely supply of spare parts or poor quality of spare parts. Check that the operation records of the operators are true and accurate

4 leasing

with the development of China's market economy, engineering construction implements the bidding system, and mechanical equipment leasing has been paid more and more attention. The allocation and use of machinery and equipment in enterprises are seriously divorced from their benefits, forming a large number of "large and comprehensive, small and comprehensive" enterprises. The average comprehensive utilization rate of machinery and equipment is only about 30%, resulting in a great waste of equipment resources. Today, with the continuous development of the market economy, people's ideas have changed from the past management of technology and physical form to the management mode of combining value form and physical form. Taking economic benefits as the center, serving to improve the economic benefits of enterprises has gradually shifted to the direction of capital management. In line with the principle of macro management and micro revitalization, a new mode integrating use, management and operation is created

when the unit rents mechanical equipment internally, the random operator carefully, timely and realistically fills in the "semi monthly report on the use of machinery". After the project leader signs and approves, the internal financial transfer will be made once, and the mechanical equipment will be rented to the society. Generally, the contract management and prepaid rent system will be implemented on a daily basis. Implement the single machine cost accounting system, implement the personnel competition system, strengthen the on-site management, strengthen the maintenance, strengthen the inspection, strengthen the assessment and comparison, strengthen the personnel management and strengthen the safety management

5 informatization management

in order to create benefits, it is necessary to improve the utilization rate of machinery. On the one hand, the current situation of the highway system is that when the project is in urgent need, there are few machinery and can not keep up; On the other hand, the annual utilization rate is low and the machinery is idle. So, how to improve utilization? In addition to strengthening the exchange of market information, establishing information and carrying out various forms of rental business. First of all, it is necessary to collect its own data, such as the number and variety of machinery, performance parameters, technical status, utilization, energy consumption, depreciation and leasing. As a superior competent department, it is necessary to collect information such as the advanced level of equipment, production dynamics, supply of accessories, layout of maintenance points, market share, price update cycle, depreciation period, new products, etc. Secondly, the computer link is used to exchange information with each other at any time, so as to serve the purchase, use, maintenance, lease, treatment, etc. of mechanical equipment, as well as the evaluation, reference, demonstration, assessment, etc. required by management. This work is extremely important

6 repair and maintenance

6.1 timely maintenance

many mechanical equipment should be well maintained before removal, and then transported back to the parking site, such as asphalt concrete mixing equipment婴儿消化不良怎么调理

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