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How to improve the binding quality of books and periodicals

the quality of books and periodicals is closely related to the binding quality. A book, regardless of the printing quality, can not be regarded as a qualified product as long as the binding quality is poor, that is, the binding quality directly affects the quality of the final product

then, how can we improve the quality of bookbinding? The author believes that the following problems should be solved

first, improve the quality awareness of employees. All employees are required to establish the view that quality is the life of the enterprise. Make the employees realize clearly that the current market competition is actually the competition of quality. If the enterprise wants to survive and develop, it must continuously improve the product quality and establish its own image in the market and in front of consumers. The quality awareness education and assessment of quality laws and regulations shall be carried out continuously for the employees to make them consciously abide by the quality laws and regulations and ensure that no waste products are produced in their own hands. Only when the quality awareness of the staff is improved can we produce high-quality products

II. To solve the process problems, the process in the whole process of product formation should be operated in strict accordance with the quality standards, and each process should be strictly controlled, that is, the printed matter sent to the binding workshop must meet the quality requirements, which is the basis for ensuring the binding quality of books and periodicals. This needs to start with the preliminary work of printing, such as typing, making up, printing, and printing. In terms of process flow treatment, each process must strictly control the quality, so that the version core and page number of the printed pieces are accurate, and then enter the binding workshop for construction

the process of the binding workshop is complex. It is required that each type of work and each process of carbon fiber modified engineering plastics should be carried out in strict accordance with the corresponding quality standards in the main order of reinforcement. According to the requirements of books and periodicals, bind them by categories. For hardcover, paperback, binding and binding, the first step should be to ensure folding. The folding shall ensure that the quality of the book post meets the specified standards. If the page number of the book post is inaccurate or skewed, it will directly affect the work of the next process. If the quality of one page in a book is poor, it will affect the qualified rate of the product. Each process after folding cannot have substandard semi-finished products flowing into the next process, otherwise the product quality will be affected. Therefore, binding books and periodicals is a kind of work with high requirements and strong technicality. To ensure the quality of books and periodicals, we must make great efforts in the process, and the qualified rate of products will be improved

III. establish and improve the reward and punishment system of rewarding the good and punishing the bad, and strengthen the testing function. Education alone cannot solve the quality problem of books and periodicals binding. It is necessary to formulate some necessary and reasonable management systems in combination with economic means to ensure it. It is necessary to establish advanced models of quality, criticize those who are poor, educate backward comrades to learn from the advanced, win honor for enterprises, and punish quality accidents. Only by conscientiously strengthening inspection and evaluation, can we ensure the implementation of various quality management systems and promote the improvement of bookbinding quality. To sum up, if these problems can be solved well, it is believed that it will be beneficial to improve the binding quality of books and periodicals

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