How to improve the company's popularity at the exh

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How to improve the company's popularity at the exhibition

in an exhibition of a certain scale, hundreds of booths are stacked together, and perhaps tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of visitors are flocking to the exhibition, marking 20 paths vertically on the surface of the sample. How to make more visitors pay attention to your company really requires a little effort. In the past, many visitors did not decide what booth to visit until they arrived at the site. So, the booth with novel layout can really attract the attention of such visitors. But now, more and more visiting chambers of Commerce have made a reservation about the booth to be visited in advance. The situation is very different. If they do not make preparations in advance, these visitors may finally pass you by. According to the survey, visitors have four times more opportunities to visit the exhibitors who have sent invitations before the exhibition than to visit the booths of other companies. It can be seen that publicity before the exhibition is very effective. But in addition to sending invitations, there are other ways to more effectively improve the popularity of your company. You might as well try it

the most common method is to prepare some gifts that can be divided into two parts. Send one of them to the visiting buyers you want to invite with the invitation letter before the exhibition, so that they can make a complete gift only when they come to your booth. Facts have proved that this method can effectively improve the visit rate of exhibitors to a booth. In the United States, a company made a large number of paper bags with its own name printed for popcorn before the exhibition, and sent them to the company's new and old customers in advance along with the invitation letter, indicating that with this invitation letter, you can enter the exhibition for free, and with the paper bag, you can get free popcorn at the company's booth. This method made the company the most visited booth in the exhibition, which effectively improved the company's popularity

at present, many exhibition passes are hung around the neck of users with hanging ropes. Some exhibitors skillfully make articles on them, make hanging ropes with their own company logo and name, and distribute them to visitors free of charge on site. Since these hanging ropes are usually exquisitely made, most visitors are happy to exchange them for their own admission cards. Visitors wearing these eye-catching lanyards walk around the site, which means that many mobile billboards are promoting the company for free. As the director of core technology research in New Jersey and the development of Franklin Lake, more dedicated exhibitors have made some brochures to introduce the local traffic, tourism, accommodation, customs, etc. and distributed them to exhibition visitors free of charge. As a large number of visitors come from afar, they really want to walk around the local and surrounding areas after the exhibition. These brochures can help a lot, so they are very popular, which indirectly makes visitors feel good about the companies that print and distribute these brochures


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