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The professional station of the 5th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition will be opened soon. The 5th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition will be held in Beijing from May 23 to 28. The main organizing unit, China printing and equipment industry association, can start from a production line. In order to make more people at home and abroad and within the industry care about the exhibition, participate in the exhibition and benefit from the exhibition, so as to achieve the purpose of communication before the exhibition, exchange during the exhibition and profit after the exhibition, It is decided to set up the 5th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition station at the station of the association during the exhibition The exhibition station will report the exhibition progress, site, technical topics, and a large number of Chinese exhibitors, enterprises and product information in real time, so that those who care about the exhibition can fully and truly understand the exhibition and exhibitors without time and geographical restrictions, so as to promote information exchange and business exchange, and provide better publicity and services for exhibitors

in order to ensure the smooth opening and operation of the exhibition station on time, information collection is now carried out in an all-round way. Beijing Datong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was entrusted to undertake the information collection and station design before the opening

the information collected by the exhibition station can be faxed to relevant materials through China India or mail of Datong company, and the experimental machine has superior quality

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