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Book and journal printing: professionalism makes the impossible possible

not long ago, the first Shanghai printing awards organized by the Shanghai Municipal Publishing Bureau and undertaken by various printing associations ended with 9 gold awards, 30 silver awards, 33 bronze awards and 117 nomination awards. Among them, the products submitted by Shanghai Zhonghua Printing Co., Ltd. won one gold award, two silver awards and two bronze awards, and another nine varieties won nomination awards, which yielded a lot. Some people questioned the winning know-how. I think the first-class equipment and the professionalism of the employees are the key to success

first class equipment plus professionalism

without first-class equipment, employees will have no place to use, and no matter how skilled a woman is, she can't make bricks without straw; On the contrary, without highly skilled employees, even if they are equipped with first-class equipment, it is difficult to ensure that they can produce first-class products. In fact, the printing and binding quality of the whole batch of books is much more important than winning awards in the evaluation, because they are related to the interests of the readers who pay for the books

it must be admitted that compared with foreign-funded enterprises, our employees in domestic companies still need to constantly strengthen their professionalism and work hard on details. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to improve the existing foundation

since 1998, our company has insisted on technical transformation and updated the production equipment in turns. Through several years' efforts, the basic configuration of high-grade equipment from pre press, printing to post press is complete, which provides a solid hardware foundation for the production of high-quality books. These equipment include CTP direct publishing system that closely follows the development trend, Heidelberg commercial rotary printing machine, and the fine flat sheet compatible binding line produced by Martini company of Switzerland

at the same time, since 2000, the company has insisted on carrying out various trainings for employees, encouraging employees to take out their spare time to receive education. After passing the examination, they can learn and make equipment use records. The expenses will be reimbursed by the enterprise. Statistics show that in the six years since 2001, the company has spent 829200 yuan on training, which is 95% of the amount of education expenses that enterprises can withdraw in the same period. After six years of training, the company's skilled workers with certificates above senior level accounted for 34.7% of the total number of skilled workers, much higher than the national requirement that by the end of the 11th Five Year Plan in 2010, skilled workers above senior level accounted for 25% of the total number of skilled workers. Among these technicians, there are only 3 senior technicians in Shanghai so far, and 11 printing and maintenance technicians. When the old technicians retire, the total number of technicians increases instead of decreasing. During this period, a senior technician and the teacher of the publishing and Printing College compiled and published the textbook for offset printing; A salesman compiled and published a book on Printing foreign trade theory and practice

practice tells us that it is not enough for a skilled worker to have skills alone. The most important thing is to have professionalism. What is professionalism? That is to treat their own work with a high degree of heart, that is, to seek their own affairs in their position. No matter who you are or what position you are in, you should be conscientious, do your best and act as required. Generally speaking, everyone's work is contributing to the socialist construction. From a small point of view, it is their work performance that should be worthy of the salary they get. Pie will not fall from the sky, only by their own labor. Although this is a very simple truth, it is not easy to achieve this, especially for the employees of traditional state-owned enterprises

three main points of professionalism

the first point: treat work meticulously. Books are not only ordinary commodities realized through equivalent exchange, but also a special commodity with the value of collection, dissemination and art appreciation. When readers spend money on books, there is no doubt that they want to get a perfect book for reading, collection and transmission, especially when the book price accounts for a large proportion of income in China

for this reason, although the domestic printing price continues to decline, in the face of imported equipment with high depreciation, the production profit of the enterprise is very small, and some hardcover products may even lose money simply from the point of view of post printing processing, our company insists on selecting high-grade materials and will never replace them with inferior ones in order to ensure the quality of books. In the production, the workers insist on excellence and strive for perfection

second point: pay attention to details. This is an important link to ensure the quality of books. The operation procedures specified in the process must be strictly implemented and cannot be arbitrary. It seems that some procedures can be operated by skipping one step, but in fact, the quality of products made according to specifications is different from that made without specifications. Take the production of hardcover books as an example: the skew of the plug cloth, the arch wrinkle caused by the incorrect flow of the backing paper, the shallow or deep notch of the spine, the incorrect sealing and wrapping, etc. are all details in the processing, which should be standardized in the production. Otherwise, if a detail is not in place, all previous efforts may be wasted. Even the packing of books can reflect the gap in enterprise management. Some enterprises pile piles neatly, the direction of marks on boxes is consistent, the folding opening is closed with sealing tape, and the surrounding is wrapped with surrounding film. Although these links are very small, one can see the whole leopard. From the rigor of book packaging, the high-low refrigeration cycle adopts the reverse card if the cycle is broken to the exquisite quality of book production

the third point: be brave in innovation. Innovation is the soul for enterprises to increase their market competitiveness. Without innovation, they will lack competitiveness. Foreign books have much more design innovation than our domestic books. In recent years, our company has made many successful technological innovations in the production of hardcover books. For example: soft cover hardcover book, easy for readers to carry; Set up a number of hardcover books with internal pull pages to facilitate readers to view the picture from a full perspective; For hardcover books with wireless binding technology, the cost and time of sewing are omitted; The use of heat discolored materials as hardcover covers increases the aesthetics of books. All these have put forward new requirements for printing enterprises. Under the condition of strictly abiding by the norms, production workers should have the spirit of daring to explore and break through, break away from conventional thinking, and constantly improve the production ability of enterprises and the ability to meet market requirements in practice. Only in this way can we contract more printing and binding business

innovation and dedication are more important than anything.

in recent years, many citizens like to keep pet dogs. A publishing house in Shanghai has launched an imported hardcover book on pet dogs. The size of this book exceeded the production limit of the equipment. As a result, the sales volume and export volume of hardbound workers increased day by day. They removed a considerable part of the parts on the equipment by themselves. In the production process, they broke the Convention and manually helped the overweight books run in place. Finally, they successfully completed the task and won the praise of customers. There are many occasions when workers who are willing to use their brains turn the impossible into possible. If everything is done after the conditions are met, it is only a rigorous production worker at best, not an excellent worker with innovative spirit. However, enterprises need excellent employees who are willing to use their brains and full of innovative spirit. Love and dedication are more important than anything

with the increase of national income, in recent years, readers have become more and more concerned about the quality of books, but the production cycle has become shorter and shorter, which has brought many new topics to the production of factory products. However, for the printing enterprises that have entered the besieged city, product quality is the key to their competitiveness and the basis for their survival in the highly competitive market


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