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The first acceptance of the products of the Turkish magnesium smelting project of northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd.

the first acceptance of the products of the Turkish magnesium smelting project of northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd.

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2014 is the product quality year of northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., and the improvement of product quality is one of the themes of the group. As one of the group's key export projects, the export project of 15kt/a refined magnesium production line of Turkish cotton contracted by the engineering complete set Branch has a long growth period. The product quality control has been effective, the owner has fully recognized it, and the product has been successfully delivered, becoming one of the quality control benchmark projects

the export project of 15kt/a refined magnesium production line in Turkey is mainly composed of calcination equipment, reduction system equipment, refined magnesium system equipment, transportation equipment, water treatment and cooling system equipment. The engineering complete set Branch and mining and metallurgical equipment branch have jointly discussed the responsibilities of each executive department with various foreign supporting manufacturers, formulated quality inspection plans, defined quality control requirements, and strengthened process inspection and final product inspection, Strictly control the packing and packing quality, reasonably allocate the transportation mode, and form a quality control chain

at the initial stage of product design, the quality assurance department arranged special personnel to jointly formulate a product quality inspection plan (QAP) with the external supporting manufacturers according to the contract content, technical document requirements and product implementation standards. The quality inspection requirements were defined to each node in the product production process, and the quality inspection responsibilities were defined to the quality inspectors of each process. The plan was used to strengthen the quality inspection process, and the use of responsibilities promoted the quality inspection effect

in the specific production process of products, the engineering complete set Branch adheres to the concept of immediate rectification of problems found, never tolerating quality hidden dangers, and never allowing problems to be reflected in the final inspection. It arranges quality inspectors to inspect and witness the quality of each process in the workshop with the elite troops dispatched by the mining and metallurgical branch every day, and arranges quality inspectors to inspect the product quality in different areas of outsourced equipment, regularly go to the outsourced manufacturers for quality inspection, and review the problem rectification results, Make workshop workers very confident to accept quality inspection

at the final product inspection stage, the quality inspector did a good job in product trial assembly, commissioning and other inspection work in advance, and timely repaired the problems found until the upper limit of the standard was reached. The quality inspector passed the one-time acceptance during the owner's inspection, and obtained the owner's recognition of product quality and delivery permission. In addition, the quality assurance department vigorously cooperated with the complete engineering branch in the acceptance of key equipment, and arranged special personnel to carry out the whole process tracking inspection

before shipment, the company attaches great importance to the packing and packing of products, so that each trial assembled component is marked, each processing surface is coated with anti rust materials, and important supplements are packed in sealed boxes, and the product material list, inspection records, inspection reports and certificates are collected and filed, which provides conditions for the smooth ordering, installation and operation of products exported to the project site

with the strong support of the quality assurance department of the group company, the engineering complete set Branch and the mining and metallurgy branch have planned to arrange quality inspection requirements. The inspection work is meticulous, serious and well implemented. At first, different machines will make changes to the installation and commissioning according to the requirements of different manufacturers and with the consent of both parties. Finally, the quality will be strictly controlled, so that the export project of 15kt/a refined magnesium production line in Turkey can be successfully concluded. Our quality control work on export projects is making continuous progress. We have trained our team, gained a good reputation, and are more confident that we can implement the international standard project in the future

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