The customer will deliver the noise from the UAV d

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The customer compares the noise from the UAV delivered by alphabet with the electric saw

the customer compares the noise from the UAV delivered by alphabet with the electric saw

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original title: the customer compares the noise from the UAV delivered by alphabet with the electric saw

wing, graduated from the X R & D laboratory of the parent company of Google, alphabet, The aim is to develop UAVs that may one day be used to provide packages to customers' doorsteps. The only problem? They are too noisy

according to "Wall Street" reports, as part of the pilot program, wing's parcel carrying UAV was deployed in a rural area in southeast Australia in october2017, which has disrupted the lives of some long-term residents. They say they do not use as many yards as they do. (the neighbor of the wing customer who talked with the journal asked her to "stop the delivery.") The chairman of the local dog club told the publication that noise - which some people think is comparable to the noise of a chainsaw - tends to scare the cubs

with a dozen vertical rotors and two propellers, the current wing UAV can fly at a speed of 78 miles per hour and take off and land vertically. The automatic flight plan software determines their route, and onboard sensors help them avoid obstacles

although it has advanced airborne technology and is a kind of auxiliary motor indirect speed change device, sound is not the only problem that wing's UAV has not yet overcome. User errors lead to at least one unexpected delivery, and the UAV is sometimes forced to land due to strong winds and obstacles. (according to the "Wall Street" report, they need to reduce five of the 2000 deliveries.) In addition, the product selection is still quite small - wing project, which integrates the understanding of 5 mines on the industry. Before that, it is cooperating with Guzman y Gomez to provide a batch of advanced basic materials ehouse in traditional fields for the expansion and optimization of Mexican food and pharmacy chain chemist war

however, wing said that its UAV program can save a lot of money for local enterprises and reduce their carbon footprint. A commissioned report cited $9million in annual cost savings, while a RAND study predicted a 6% reduction in energy use compared to trucks

less than a month after the release of Wednesday's report, CEO jamesburgess announced that Yong'an would launch a 10 minute free delivery test of UAVs in Helsinki, Finland, for items weighing 3.3 pounds or less and with a maximum distance of 6.2 miles. The flight test started in Tampere earlier this year and will continue this winter to understand the performance of the UAV in cold conditions

however, wing has different records in delivery and promotion

in September 2016, the company cooperated with chipotle, an American fast leisure chain, to provide orders for a small group of Virginia Tech students. However, according to Bloomberg news, just one month later, wing cancelled the initial cooperation with Starbucks on the differences in handling customer data

alphabet is not the only company to test the automatic delivery of UAVs on site. Amazon launched the prime air trial in the UK in december2016. They send orders seven days a week to shoppers within miles of the retailer performance center near Cambridge

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