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Xinpu Feike: fight against the epidemic and provide uninterrupted customer service

with the rapid development of Internet technology, enterprises are also looking for more convenient and efficient ways to provide customers with better services. For the intensive and centralized agent office in the call center, the home office and the single-1 structure cable will produce a single point of failure, and remote office is becoming a reality. Even if there is no office environment, or even no computer, the agent office can still be realized, and the system controls the traffic distribution

during the epidemic period, Beijing Xinpu Feike Technology Co., Ltd. () provided customers in China with home seat solution services free of charge. The epidemic situation is merciless. The standard method of West German lubrication experiment (din51354) is applicable to human beings. Xinpu Feike allows you to take it easy. Common applications of home seats are as follows:

on duty

during holidays or special periods, the customer contact center is unattended, and the customer calls are not answered

however, there are still many constraints such as imperfect support system: transfer to duty, just modify the IVR process, and the personnel on duty do not need any operation

remote agents

in special times, centralized work cannot be carried out. The staff of the customer contact center are scattered around the country, and the office environment is different. How can I work with a home computer

application: by simply deploying the client software on the home computer, the same environment as centralized office can be realized, and the dialing function of hard phone can be realized with the help of software

pstn seats

how do full-time seats work when they are at home without an office environment

application: one can also work remotely, log in to the system through PSTN agent, participate in system queuing and allocation, and solve the problem of non IP system traffic terminal login


in the era of mobile Internet, customers prefer to initiate session requests and obtain service help

application: no matter the session is initiated by a page or a official account, the agent can reply and handle it in time, and the home remote agent can also handle it. With a computer, you can work normally

app agent

is not in the station. How can I realize the application function at the PC end? How to supervise the operation of the system when traveling abroad

application: the same account can be flexibly switched between PC and app, and the working mode can be flexibly changed with the office environment. Full coverage of function end such as answering, message synchronization, monitoring and statistics

the above applications are the remote agent applications summarized according to the actual project support recently. Home office environments and application scenarios vary, but there is always an emergency plan and an application model that can help enterprises overcome service difficulties. Similarly, in the face of the epidemic situation, as the supplier of the call center system, Xinpu Feike has made a rapid response:

on January 25, Xinpu Feike epidemic situation working group was established to make a rapid response plan according to the actual situation of the customer system

on January 26, the emergency plan for epidemic situation work was issued to all customers

on January 27, the home agent application solution was released

then, the technical support engineers began the special period of on-demand remote technical support. In response to the call of the state, they helped enterprises to tide over the difficulties. I believe that with concerted efforts, the epidemic will soon pass. This war without smoke of gunpowder, we will surely win

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